#GivingTuesday, Unselfies & a Trip to Africa. What a week!

Inquisitive Quincie Giving TuesdayFor us living in the world of good causes, last Tuesday was the celebration of #GivingTuesday. A day created to encourage charitable activities after having two days of Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping madness. Yes, we are living a new capitalism era; or maybe a new socialism? A socialism adopted by capitalism?! Either way. So, all media channels were bombarded with messages with reasons why we give. The word #unselfie was also defined as an image of yourself showing how and why you give. For us, our main reason to give is because we CARE. And, we are glad we are not the only ones.

“We give because we care.”

Dr. Shinn & his son Tomar reading Inquisitive Quincie “A Day Learning About Teeth”

This same week on Monday, we received an email from Dr. Sherwin Shinn’s organization For World Wide Smiles, the recipient of the 2013 ADA Humanitarian Award for his over 22 years of dedication to provide oral health care to undeserved communities in places like Uganda, Bolivia, Jamaica, Guatemala & Haiti; among others. It’s an honor for us to have received his response accepting to take our project to their missions as an instructional and entertaining way to emphasize good oral care to children around the globe.


We are beyond words of excitement because this project would not mean much without their  incredible participation [smiley faces all over here]. This commitment will keep us  working even harder to reach our goals for this upcoming February.


Don’t feel bad if you missed the chance to participate on December 3rd. The good thing about giving is that it doesn’t expire, you can do it anytime and the often you do it, the better you feel! However, it’s great to count with a specific time of the year to be generous with others. We feel really proud of living in these inspiring times, when the community can come together for greater causes.


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