Why Giving Works?

Written by @Simple_Acts

a_dreamLast week our blog “Ten Simple Ways to Turn Up Your Energy” had a list of simple things we could do to improve our good energy. Guess what? Giving was part of the list. Yes, giving increases our positive energy which provides us with a sense of happiness; and that according to the latest Psychology Today prompts us to higher earnings, creativity boosts, and better immune systems.

When we are happy we tend to produce more, look for better solutions and an overall wellness surrounds us. The Go-Giver by Bob Burg & John D. Mann proposes  “being a sincere and genuine giver of value is the most effective way of eliciting those feelings toward you in others.”

Our mission is to create a network of giving & caring and transport that energy to your business with our publication. Inquisitive Quincie: A Day Learning about Teeth gets children familiar with regular visits to the dentist while encouraging them to keep up with good healthy habits. We are looking for dentists that could proudly say “we are changing lives inside and outside our practice.”
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