Official Release Spanish Version

cover8x8_Spanish_smallAfter giving the last touches, “Inquisitiva Quincie: Un día para aprender sobre los dientes” is finally here!

It’s so thrilling to have our little girl participating with the Hispanic community in our endeavor of improving oral health and promoting an active lifestyle. We are very lucky and grateful to count on José Fernando Iriarte Montañez to give us the best editorial review of our Spanish version. Fernando is a rising voice in Latin American literature, very talented and also happen to be part of the family. He graduated from the Católica (Spanish for Catholic) University in Lima-Peru; and he currently holds a teaching position at the University of Lima. His new book “Salón de Anomalías” will be soon released for publication. We can’t wait!



We found a very interesting mini-report online dated November, 2011. According to this National Survey led by the Hispanic Dental Association (HDA) and sponsored by Crest® and Oral-B® Hispanics —the fastest growing segment of the U.S. population—  have significant barriers to overcome in order to achieve better oral health. The study shows that Hispanics believe that the following factors could help them a lot in achieving and maintaining good oral health:

  • • More information about good oral health habits.
  • • Better access to affordable oral health care.
  • • More Spanish-speaking dentists and dental hygienists in their communities.

The survey also shows that many Hispanics across the U.S. are not adequately caring for their mouths, teeth and gums; many do not see a dentist regularly; many are not passing on good oral health care habits to their children; and many miss-perceptions about oral health care still exist. Read the complete mini-report here.

A poor oral health may be linked to other health complications, including stroke, heart disease and diabetes. Our mission is not only to fight cavities, but also to fight oral cancer with periodic visits to the dentists; and to help to improve the current conditions among all through the eyes of a child, Quincie.

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