Hola Mundo!

spanishNo, don’t worry! Quincie is not taking over Dora the Explorer. She is just overjoyed with the news. We are in the middle of summer here in California and we are finishing up with the last details of the Spanish version of “Inquisitiva Quincie: Un día para aprender sobre los dientes.” How does it sound to you, as dramatic as a soap opera? Or, maybe as delightful as the birth of George Alexander Louis of Cambridge, AKA the Royal baby?

The more the merrier

We want to get more people participating in this project of promoting good oral health and a healthy life style; and a Spanish version sounded like the perfect way to go.

A lot of what we do may sound repetitive but that’s part of our task of creating awareness. Our goal is to make our issues as clear as water, so we don’t second guess important decisions in our lives –like setting up regular dental visits, brushing and flossing, eating healthy, or being active.

How many times we don’t act until we get a severe pain? If this was a matter of lack of dental insurance, we’d probably think of a different way to approach this issue.  Most people tend to delay doctors’ appointments mainly because we tend to expect bad news and we hate to hear bad news. But if we do what we should be doing, those fears could certainly dissipate.

This is not a very extensive post, just an update for this week. Still, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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