Are you an influencer?

Written by @Simple_Acts


In the past weeks, we focused on the art of giving and good energy. Actions and words that will create a positive atmosphere around us.

Today we are focusing on the subject; the person who encompasses these actions and creates that good effect.

An influencer is a term that describes someone who puts others interest first, planting seeds for building trust to get others to act differently in order to achieve important results. Does it sound familiar to you? Others, trust, and results; these are the keywords. As paradoxically as it sounds, the key to become an influencer is to shift the focus to others.

It will be really easy to make others act in a way we want just because they happen to be people who depend on us; but in a very competitive market, how can we influence people that we depend on? How can we get them to participate in a more successful way? You will be surprised how much of some listening and care can do for creating value and improvement.

Quincie was born from the basic notion of caring for others by developing a network of influencers who could join us in the mission to promote good healthy habits while entertaining children. Influencers, that’s the kind of people we want to join our project. Are you one of them? We would love to hear from you.

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