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Giving Back


Educate, Entertain, Enrich

Educate: Inquisitive Quincie, A Day Learning About Teeth is a project that seeks to promote good healthy habits, creativity and good oral health in children. Experience along with Quincie her visit to the dentist and learn why dental care is so important.


Entertain: Quincie’s goal is to keep kids entertained while reading and learning about their experience at the dental office. Quincie is a toddler who in her way to the park is taken by her mom to her first dental visit.


Enrich: Each coloring book gives children with no access/limited access to dental care —in the US and abroad— a chance to better oral health. On behalf of each dentist that participates in this project, we will be donating the same amount of purchased books to organizations involved in promoting a healthy lifestyle and good oral care.


If you know of an organization that could benefit from this idea please let us know at social[at]


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