How carving a pumpkin got me thinking about life changes approaches

Written by @Simple_Acts

It’s last week of all-you-can-eat candy since Valentine’s day! Isn’t orange a great color for the fall? Being a Giant’s fan, I’ll say yes for sure! I decided this year to move away from my regular pumpkin carving technique; the one that cuts out big pieces of a pumpkin.

Instead, I went for engraving the images of my projects there, just because I thought it’d be cool to do something different and I praise to anything that signifies trying a new thing. Not to mention that, seeing my work out there is really gratifying.

As it happens with unfamiliar events, the first trace looked a lot like a meaningless scratch, like a ruined pumpkin or an unwanted thing. A big oops! Something like this. However, being there doing the traces got me thinking how dramatic events start carving the best/worst out of us and how this shapes our own selves. We could react with fear, anger or resentment; as well as, courage, love or hope. The choice is always ours.

When dealing with life changes, the path to follow is the one that makes you a better you. Rise to the occasion.  

Creativity is a good way to practice how to deal with problems and it gets handy when we learn as kids to envision things. It is one of the reasons this project is so important to us; because of the endless possibilities we get to experience when dealing with a blank page or an uncolored one. The world doesn’t come to an end. It’s a new beginning!

Now, being Halloween a night that embraces our capability to transform ourselves; we wish you a Happy Halloween, and be creative!


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