I have a dream… #ihaveadream

Written by @Simple_Acts

August 28 was the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the famous I-have-a-Dream speech Dr. Martin Luther King Jr gave in defense of human rights, equality and justice. Words that still resonate with us and inspire many more.

Only by reflection we can analyse and improve the current conditions in which we are living.

While the Internet used the hashtag #ihaveadream to collect the sentiment of this day, it’s good to look back to meditate on how far we have come since that dream was pronounced publicly and what could we do to maintain equality and justice around us. President Obama is in the White House, the LGBT community and immigrant voices are being heard with much more progress in the LGBT community.


We still dream that one day, some of these could really happen:


  • • All children will have access to education, healthcare & a safe environment.
  • • Poverty will be eradicated because we all have something to give to the world.
  • • Nuclear weapons will be a thing of the past, and the focus will be the preservation of the planet.
  • • Nations will understand that the best way to move towards progress is to put children first.
  • • We all could live in harmony if we create a system that supports higher standards of love, compassion, order and respect for each other.
  • • Peace will be attainable because we will finally understand that we all come from the same Creator.


“I have a dream…” is the perfect example of a mission statement and how a business culture gets created. “I have a dream…” is the way we conduct our lives. “I have a dream…” is what moves us to create a better society. “I have a dream…” is a commitment to awake in order to make those dreams a reality. When was the last time you had a dream and what could you do today to start living that dream?


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