Our Special Connection with Jennifer Aniston


Last week we celebrated Easter and our beautiful planet’s day; which made us think about recycling some content produced by others on this blog post while honoring World Dance Day today.


It may be easy to show how proficient we are in a specific subject; however, the beauty of social media relies on content diversity. Social media marketing is based on how we convey our message across different platforms, how we keep ourselves relevant among others, how we stay fresh with the latest news.

We love to share not only what keep us busy, but also what keep us motivated.

Curating content is a great way to bring some sparkle to any blog. Some of our favorite blogs that do this in an extraordinary way are LifeisGood and HelloGiggles.


We love to share not only what keep us busy, but also what keep us motivated. There are many people and causes that inspire us, and by sharing them with the world we have more chances to inspire others as well. Showing other aspects of our lives can be as engaging as showing our knowledge on certain topic with the plus that this will bring us more significant connections.


This week we decided to curate some content that brought us some memories on how Inquisitive Quincie project started, video #1.This video will get you doing some really good salsa moves. It’s hilarious! It’s related to Jennifer Aniston’s character in the movie Along Came Polly which reminded us of our first time showing Quincie’s A Day Learning About Teeth asking for feedback –a very nerve racking event. However, we are glad our images were not that graphical and that we enjoy what we are doing.



This second video shows how a complex topic can be explained in a fun and different way. Take a look at this TED video on creativity, nuclear physics and dancing! Talking about thinking outside the box.



Just to close this week of amusing dancing, in case you missed it,  this video will inspire you in a spectacular way. It’s caliente!


Have you had the chance to show your expertise in a very creative way? Or maybe learn something new lately? Please share it with us in the comments below.
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