Solidarity, Generosity and Mother’s Day Celebration

Written by @Simple_Acts


All the love in the world cannot compare to the love of a mother.

There is so much truth in the phrase ‘the hand that rocks the cradle controls the world,’ which is part of a  beautiful poem by William Rose Wallace  that remind us of the important role moms play around the world and how many of them still struggle on a daily basis for basic necessities.


Celebrating moms this weekend makes me feel so grateful for the mom God gave me. Every person around us is a gift from God. We can learn from them or they can learn from us. I’m sure there are many reasons you are very thankful for your mom, or being a mom too.


This weekend also makes me appreciate living in a society that values children, education and laws. It’s disturbing to know that around 200 girls are still missing in Nigeria. At Inquisitive Quincie, our hearts join them in solidarity with the families and the girls that were abducted and are still away from home. We are sending prayers for their safe return to home.


You may think solidarity could be pointless in a place where there is so much abuse already. Truth is, solidarity is a bond that make us work together in order to achieve more equal standards. As Albert Schweitzer said  “The first step in the evolution of ethics is a sense of solidarity with other human beings.”


Solidarity wasn’t hard to learn when you have a mom that is the holder of a very generous heart.  She often went out of her way to help an elderly person cross the street, and quite often she involved the family in her generous actions to help those around us. We didn’t have everything but we didn’t lack the most important: love, faith, and hope.


Quincie, the project itself, is a tribute to my mom’s giving heart, the notion of how richer we become when we share with others, and the abundance of the unlimited resources this universe has for us. Being Quincie a little girl, we can not do other than work to promote a healthy environment for children and specially girls that are more vulnerable in certain places.


Out of 363 days of “mom, I need…”, and “mom, where is…?”  It’s nice to have one day in the calendar besides their birthdays to let them know how wonderful they are. Happy Mother’s Day to all wonderful women who know about the dedicated task that is motherhood.


How did you spent Mother’s Day? Please share it in the comments, we love to hear from you.


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