Experience The Unthinkable: Appreciating Life For The Years To Come

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Finding your soul while traveling…


Did you ever consider a vacation tax deductible not because you were just getting some knowledge but because you were imparting it? Probably the last thing you will think of doing on a vacation is to work; unless, you enjoy going to new places to help others as well as facing different kind of challenges.


I read many stories about finding your soul while traveling and that’s very true to me. I found my soul in the U.S a place I see as home. In his book Confessions of a Modern Dentist, Dr. Shinn –founder of For World Wide Smiles– shares stories of uncommon knowledge, unusual people, and enlightening experiences about the serendipity nature of life in a very uplifting way. Check it out!


We are getting closer to the second half of the year and For World Wide Smiles’ crew is almost set for their trip to Haiti scheduled from July 12-27; for two weeks of service and a truly learning experience.


Dr Shinn’s crew to Haiti last year included dentists, dental students and college graduates who donated not only their knowledge and time, but also their generous smiles along with lots of love for this wonderful cause: improving oral health world wide.


It is hard to think of places where children have never owned a toothbrush and where you as a volunteer can provide this opportunity along with the treatment for their dental care. Now children can aspire not only to  becoming a dentist, the organizer of a non-profit, an educator, but also a writer, an artist or an illustrator having Inquisitive Quincie as part of this trip. The possibilities are unlimited and we can not wait to hear back from this mission.


In a world where hope may seem scarce to many, it feels great to be able to provide it to others. And, while we cannot cover all the needs of the world; we can certainly cover more of them with the help of wonderful organizations like For World Wide Smiles.


If you are interested to experience the unthinkable and be part of a very transforming experience $1,300 will get you to join this amazing crew and it will cover your food and staying in Haiti. For more information about upcoming trips and other ways to help, please contact info[at]forworldwidesmiles.org


Upcoming trips for 2014:

  • HAITI (July 12th-27th)
  • UGANDA (August 8th-31st)
  • JAMAICA (September-November)


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