Beautiful Food Creations

We all know how challenging it is to make kids eat vegetables. Referring to them as green, yellow or red stuff is not very delightful. There are many ways to disguise these “elements” in recipes by blending them, or presenting them in a fun way. We found on the Internet some amazing food creations that will will get your creative genius flowing. This blog post is the beginning of many post that will be dedicated to parents and healthy foods and recipes that we hope you’ll enjoy.


Today we are featuring an amazing blogger of fashion, food, design and people; Ria Sim. She has found a very ingenious way to use Frontback, an app dedicated  to show two views in one single scene using the front and back camera of a phone.


Here are some examples of what you can find in her account. We hope you like it as much as we do. You can find the FrontBack app in the app store  and the very talented Ria with the username riasim within the app.

#1 Bear in a Blanket

photo 1(1)

#2 Bear in the sun

photo 5

#3 Owl Sadwich

photo 4(2)

 #4 The Cat & the Mouse

photo 3(2)

#5 Nutella Squirrel

photo 4

#6 Mandarines Fishies

photo 5(2)

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